How does StagePlayer work during my live performance?

During live performances, predictability with digital scenery is key! That's why StagePlayer is programmed to make running your digital scenery a breeze. We encourage you to edit your content during rehearsals and tech week so that you have everything laid out in the order that makes sense for your production. Your operator can be in the wings or back in the tech booth with the iPad, or computer and run the digital scenery with just three buttons:

  1. Jump Next. Immediately transition to the next video (2-4 second crossfade transition).
  2. Cue Next.* Finish playing through the current video before transitioning to the next video (transition times vary).
  3. Blackout. Immediately transition to a blackout (2-4 second crossfade transition).

*it should be noted that this information is only relevant to animated projections

Understanding the difference between "Jump Next" and "Cue Next", using the example below: 

  1. Locate the progress bar at the bottom of the currently playing video
  2. You can see that the video is 02:00 minutes long and that the screenshot was taken at 00:14 second through
  3. 02:00 minutes is the length of the current video in which it gradually turns from day to night
  4. If we were to click "Jump Next" at 00:14 seconds, in 2 to 4 seconds we would crossfade to the night scene
  5. If we were to click "Cue Next" at 00:14 seconds, it would continue to play the video for 01:46 seconds before arriving at the night scene


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