How do I change the brightness of the digital scenery?

There are four factors to consider when thinking about the brightness of the projections:

  • Projector lumens count
  • Stage lighting
  • Ambient light
  • Digital scenery brightness

Every venue, stage, lighting designer, projector, and piece of content is different, so there is no hard and fast rule about brightness when it comes to projections. You will need to balance all of your unique factors to figure out exactly how projections will support the vision of your production. 

Tips for Stage Lighting and Ambient Light:

  • The brighter your stage lighting and ambient lighting the more the projections will appear washed out
  • Keep ambient light and stage lighting from directly hitting your projection surface
  • Focus your lamps about 5 ft off the screen if possible (try adjusting them down or using the barn doors to control the light spread)
  • Use light trees in the wings as well, as an alternative to overhead lamps
  • Minimize the amount of lighting bouncing from the floor within 5 feet of the projection surface
  • Match the tones of the content with your stage lighting 
  • We strongly recommend using cool lighting hues. Using blues and purples are much better for projections than amber, which will wash-out projections immediately, regardless of projector brightness.

Tips for Projector Lumens:

  • Use a projector that has a minimum of 5,000 lumens; the lower the lumens count on your projector, the darker the digital scenery will appear
  • Place your projector as close to the surface as possible to avoid light spilling from the surface
  • Use a short-throw lens to focus the lamp/laser of the projector onto your surface

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