How do I get a larger projection?

The size of the projection is determined by two things: 1) throw ratio and 2) projector placement.

  1. Throw Ratio. Throw ratios is an equation that explains the distance from projector to screen compared to the screen size. Typically throw ratio numbers are formatted like this 1.5:1 meaning that for every 1.5 feet from the surface you will get 1 foot of diagonal image output. For Ultra Short-Throw Stage Projectors, all throw ratios are under 1:1 which enables you to hang a projector closer to your surface and yet still get a large image. If you are using your own projector, you should consider getting a lens with a lower throw ratio to increase the size of your image output.
  2. Projector Placement. In conjunction with the projector lens throw ratio, the place that you hang your projector will determine how large your image will be. If you need to increase the size of your projected image, consider moving the projector further from your projection surface. Please be aware that any distance you add from your projection surface, could impact the perceived brightness of the projected image.

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