Can I download the content on multiple computers?

The Standard License for Scenic Projections and Digital Backdrops enables you to use the digital scenery on one device (a computer) at a time. 

However, if your rehearsal device differs from the hardware you will use during your performances, or if you need to change equipment any time before or during your performances, you may install StagePlayer and download the content onto a second computer. 

To download and access your scenery on a second device, ensure that you exit out of StagePlayer on your first device before installing and opening StagePlayer on the new device. If you have the software open on one device, it will not allow you to download or use the content on on any others.

Important to keep in mind: When the digital scenery is downloaded onto a device, it lives on that device. Any changes or edits you make to the content and cues in StagePlayer are specific to that device and do not sync across systems. (We don't want any internet connection issues or rogue syncing interrupting your live performance!) This means that any new downloads will be the default show collection.

If you run into issues downloading the content on a new device, open StagePlayer on the first device, go to the Library menu on the left side, and click the "Reset App" button. This will log you out of StagePlayer and uninstall the content from that device, leaving it free to be downloaded on a new one.
  • If you receive an error message such as "Login Invalid" or "Contact Support" when trying to present your show, you may have StagePlayer running on another device.
  • Check and close StagePlayer on all devices, then send a message to to have the error cleared and your account refreshed.

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