What are the licensing requirements for Scenic Projections?

Broadway Media Scenic Projections are official or suggested resources for popular musicals and plays. A requirement to ordering and using the Scenic Projections is securing the proper permissions and licensing to perform the title.

Scenic Projections are specifically licensed for staged performances, whether that is for a live audience, live-streaming, or filmed. Accordingly, the playback software requires the scenery output to a projector or LED wall, and Scenic Projections cannot be used in post-production with a green screen or editing software.

For virtual or remote productions, Broadway Media offers alternative digital scenery products that can be used for different types of productions and performances.

A Scenic Projections standard license grants a four-week license period for performance with extensions available by the week. A Scenic Projections order also includes watermarked rehearsal content available for use before the start of the 4-week license period. The content is delivered for use in the playback software, StagePlayer.

For professional theaters and technically advanced theaters with specialized equipment, we offer a Scenic Projections Professional License which can be used to achieve advanced projection techniques like projection mapping and layering. Plus, the professional license provides the content files in formats for use with 3rd-party playback software.

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