The projection image is not as large as I expected it to be. What should I do?

If possible, move your projector further away from your projection surface. The further away, the larger the image will be. The brightness of the image will be affected, but if size is your biggest concern, moving your projector back is your best option. 

Fortunately, unlike traditional painted backdrops, digital scenery does not need to fill the entire upstage surface. Projections remain part of the visual storytelling throughout the entire show. Having a wide-open stage without scenery is not the best solution. Integrating the digital scenery and a built-set is the most successful production-design choice. 

  1. Reduce upstage screen size with travelers or curtains. Keep the action full width, and reduce the scenic surface area
  2. Add a built-set downstage of the projection surface. This creates depth, allows for new options for blocking an entrance, and can incorporate traditional design like groundrows and platforms.


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