Broadway Media's Heavy Duty Mount Instructions

Step 1: Prepare mount plate

  1. AFFIX TRUSS ADAPTER Hang the “U” bolt over the pipe and affix adapter plate using M10 washers (C [x4]), lock washers (D [x4]) and M10 Hex Nuts (E [x4]). 
  2. INSTALL VERTICAL PIPE Twist threaded vertical pipe into threaded adapter mount, and secure using screws (F or G). Tighten with allen key. 
  3. CONNECT PROJECTOR PLATE  Twist threaded Projector Plate (B) on to vertical pipe and secure using set screws (J). Tighten with allen key.

Step 2: Hang Projector (Option 1)

  1. INSTALL FIXED BRACKET TO PROJECTOR Insert screws (G2) in the top of optional fixed bracket fixture using a screwdriver
  2. ATTACH FIXED BRACKET TO PROJECTOR PLATE Orient projector with attached fixed bracket so it is square to screen. Attach Fixed Bracket to plate by tightening four 5/16” flange nuts using a wrench

Step 2: Hang Projector (Option 2)

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