What is the difference between the Standard and Professional License?

The difference is simple but this question is answered with another question: How much control and customization do you need over your digital scenery? 

If your answer is: I want control of timing, exclusion of scenes or cues, and order in which the scenes are used. Then you need the Standard License. The Standard License is delivered through StagePlayer for Mac and PC. This is our "plug and play" option. The show content is delivered pre-cued and pre-programmed with an integrated cue sheet that follows the script. The Scenic Projections run independently of sound, lighting, and other cues through our StagePlayer software. StagePlayer is pretty versatile, in that it can run on Mac or PC.

If your answer is: 

  • I have multiple surfaces where I want to put various elements of digital scenery, or
  • I have to use one computer/server for my lights, sound, and digital scenery, or
  • I have a very untraditional way of mounting my production and need to maximize the digital scenery assets.

You definitely need the Professional License because is mapping-capable and customizable. Complimentary overlays and layered artwork allow for customization of the Scenic Projections to align with your vision for the show. The delivery of Media Server Mapping compatible files allows for import into software such as QLab, ProPresenter, Christie's Pandora's Box, and Isadora and includes a scene and file guide. The one downside (also an upside!) is that the Professional License requires you to program the cues yourself. This takes dedicated time and experience with the software of your choice.

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