Packaging Instructions: Economy

When you receive your projector rental, take note of how things were packed into the shipping crate. Repacking in the same way, with all of the protective foam in place is critical in reducing the risk of damage.

  • Unlock the latches on the black plastic shipping create and open the lid
  • On top will be a protective foam layer; ensure this foam does not get damaged or ripped
  • The projector is placed in a large cavity with just enough room for hands to pull the projector out and place it back in
  • Place projector feet down into case; NEVER place projector upside down into the case
  • Ensure that no other objects are packed below or on top of the projector (this can cause severe damage during shipping)
  • Place remote and power cord neatly in the slotted area in the protective foam
  • Close the lid and lock the latches
  • Secure the zip-tie on the outer metal ring on the shipping crate and pull tight
  • Place the printed, return shipping label (with the weight listed 60lbs) on the front exterior of the case

[photo of the interior of the crate with the soft foam]

[photo of a sample return label and zip tie]

[photo of the interior of the crate (with projector, remote, and power cord inside)]

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