Blurred Image:

  • The projection lens is not correctly focused: use the focus to adjust the lens focus.
  • The projector and the screen are not aligned properly: adjust projection angle and direction as well as the height of the projector where necessary.

The projector is not powering on:

  • There is no power from the power cable: 1) plug one end of the power cable at the AC inlet of the projector and the other end in the power outlet. If the power outlet has a switch, make sure the switch is on; 2) try a different, grounded power source.
  • Attempt to turn the projector on again after the cooling process: wait until the cooling down process has completed (the fan will stop spinning). 

No picture:

  • Video source is not turned on or is not connected correctly: switch the video source on and check that the signal cable is connected correctly.
  • The projector is not correctly connected to the input signal device: check the connection.
  • The input signal has not been correctly selected: select the correct input signal by using the [source] key on the projector or remote control.

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