Projections Delivery Guide

Here is our guide for a successful production with digital scenery.

When you plan ahead and schedule plenty of time to test your theatre projection setup, you’ll be amazed how digital scenery is an effective tool for broadway-quality visual storytelling and creates enhanced theatrical experience on your stage.

Alongside dedicated assistance from our team of experts, you’ll have the opportunity for a one-on-one training call to make sure everything goes to plan. Simply put, we want you to have a fantastic time with our products – allow us to make you an expert in projections! 

The information in this guide is important. Please give it a read and pass it to anyone on your team who may find it helpful. It serves as a guide to easily integrating projections into your upcoming show. If you have questions during production, let us know. We’re here for you. 


  1. Take note of your account details. With your order confirmation, you will receive a username and password for your Broadway Media account. Once your order is processed and delivered, that login will give you access to your Broadway Media Account so you can download your content and access tutorials. It will also be used to log in to the playback software, StagePlayer.
  2. Select your software version. StagePlayer is available for Mac, PC, and iOS (iPad). When your projections are ready for download, log into your Broadway Media account, and select the download appropriate for your device to download StagePlayer.
  3. Download your rehearsal material. From the time of your order to the start of your license period – 4 weeks before your final performance – you will have access to watermarked projections for rehearsals. After logging into StagePlayer, you should see the show in your library with a yellow "download cloud" button. Press this to begin the download.
  4. Connect your projector. When using a Mac or PC, connect your projector using an HDMI cable. For iPad, make sure to use an Apple-Certified Lighting to HDMI adapter. If you are setup is further than 50 feet from the stage, you'll need a signal extender. Please contact us to purchase these items. 
  5. Customize your show and rehearse. There’s no need to make changes to Scenic Projections as they’re built to match the official script, however you can disable, duplicate and move scenes and cues to fit your unique production. Make sure to take time to test that everything works before your performance, and then, when you’re ready, it’s simply a matter of pressing “cue”!
  6. Break a leg! When your license period begins – 4 weeks before your final performance – your show package will automatically update in StagePlayer to remove the watermarks.



Developed by theatre makers, for theatre makers, and included with all digital scenery rentals at no additional cost. 

How StagePlayer works -  Read the StagePlayer Quick Start Guide here.

Our buffer-free playback software StagePlayer takes the complexities of a media server and puts your show materials in the cloud, making it easier than ever to integrate digital scenery into your next production. StagePlayer features simple editing and performance controls for elevated production values that perfectly compliment the action onstage.

  • Superior quality - Delivered in high-definition through optimal video compression to download quickly
  • Seamless transitions - cinematic changes and scene transitions built for Scenic Projections
  • Cue flexibility - Developed for the uncertainty of live theatre, change scenes easily on-the-fly
  • Rehearsal mode - Work with watermarked production materials far in advance of license period
  • Simple setup - Ultimate plug-and-play functionality with easy to use controls
  • Unique performance - Prep your show with in-app edit features to customize your cues.
  • Cross platform - Minimal system requirements, and compatible with Mac, Windows and iPad
  • Dedicated customer service

Advanced Projection 

Scenic Projections PRO - Compatible with media server mapping and professional media management tools.

For organizations and theatres with advanced projection capabilities, Broadway Media also offers Scenic Projections PRO. These script-accurate scenery packages that feature mappable scenic elements, textures, weather animations and additional resources. The Professional License package can be used in your own playback software and specialized equipment for full control to program the cues and timing to fit your unique production.

Contact us for more information on the Scenic Projections Pro License package.

Stage Projectors

Learn more about Stage Projectors here.

We provide an easy solution for A/V hardware:

  1. Determine optimal image size. Adjust projector placement depending on your unique stage requirements. The closer to the surface, the smaller the image.
  2. Select necessary image brightness. Adjust stage lighting away from the projection surface to understand and select the appropriate projector brightness.
  3. Add-on accessories. Resources are available to adapt to all stage setups. Purchase individual hardware tools or select bundled accessory kits.

Hanging your projector to get the right size image:

Still need help? How can we help you? How can we help you?