How do I navigate through the digital scenery once in fullscreen mode?

If your computer and your projector are showing the same image and you're unable to navigate through the digital scenery without showing the "Operator Controls" on the projector too, your computer is configured incorrectly. It's mirroring to the projector instead of using it as an external display. (Read more here: What should my computer setup look like?)

You need to have your laptop or desktop computer monitor displaying the Operator Controls while your projector displays Output Window with the digital scenery fullscreen. (Read more here: Why do I need a monitor for running projections?)

To correctly configure your computer settings, follow these instructions:

For a PC:
  1. Right-click on your computer desktop
  2. Click on "Display Settings"
  3. After you've connected to, and powered on, your projector scroll down to the "Multiple Displays" menu
  4. Select the "Extend these displays" option
For a Mac:
  1. Go to your Apple Menu
  2. Click "System Preferences"
  3. Click on the "Displays" icon
  4. After you've connected to, and powered on, your projector click on the "Arrangement" tab
  5. Uncheck "Mirror Displays"
  6. Back out into the "System Preferences" menu again
  7. Click on the "Mission Controls" icon
  8. Check "Displays have separate Spaces"

To have the Output Window display the digital scenery on your projector, drag the Output Window to Projector

  1. Click and hold the titlebar in the output window
  2. While clicking and holding, drag the output window onto your extended display (typically by dragging it all the way left or all the way right of your desktop screen)
  3. When in "Preview" or "Present" mode, click the "Display Fullscreen" button and the output window will resize to fill your projection

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