What should my computer system setup look like?

You can run Digital Scenery by Broadway Media in a multitude of different systems.

Standard License (with StagePlayer):

With a Standard License, your system should include a 1) computer with a display or iPad, 2) connection hardware and 3) a projector/LED wall. More specific examples below:

  • Mac or Windows laptop: HDMI cable plugged directly into an HDMI port on the projector and the laptop. Ensure that your displays are extended. Read more about cabling here. Read more about extending displays here.
  • Mac or Windows desktop: HDMI cable plugged directly into an HDMI port on the projector and the computer. There is likely a display monitor plugged into your desktop computer already, so when you plug in your projector you will need to access a second display port. If your desktop computer has two HDMI ports, use one for the external display and one for the projector. If your computer only has one HDMI port, use that for projector connection and use a secondary port (DVI, VGA, etc.) for your computer monitor. (Why is it important to have a computer monitor along with the projector? Read here.

Professional Licenses can be used with the software and hardware setup that is most ideal in your venue.

Using our professional license requires that you have a thorough understanding of physical system setups along with software programming. If you have questions about the requirements for Professional License, email sales@broadwaymedia.com.

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