How do I set up StagePlayer to work with my multiple output setups?

If you have multiple projectors or an unusual setup for your output, StagePlayer has the ability to conform and work with your setup.

To stretch the output over multiple projectors:

  1. Ensure you have downloaded the latest version of StagePlayer (v.0.2.1 is the first current and most up-to-date version to have this capability) 
  2. Download your show content
  3. Configure your computer monitor and multiple projectors to be extending your display, and turn off your taskbar on our projector outputs by navigating to computer settings and taskbar settings, multiple displays

  4. Using your mouse, motion over the outer edges of the black output screen until you are given the resizing arrows

  5. Drag the arrows until the window completely covers both outputs

  6. While in "Present" mode, do not click the "Output Fullscreen" button; this will snap the output to one window

*Please note that this configuration will not disable or block computer notifications as "Output Fullscreen" mode will so ensure that all notifications are disabled during your performances.

Your final result should look like this:

If you are working off of a Mac device, it is important that you follow these additional steps to ensure that your computer is confingured correctly:

  1. Navigate to System Preferences
  2. Click Mission Control
  3. UNCHECK “Displays have separate Spaces”
  4. Restart your computer to see the changes take effect

To have your output smaller than your full projected image:

  1. Follow all steps in the instructions above, but in addition, navigate to "Personalization" in computer settings
  2. Under the section for background, select "Solid color" and turn your desktop background black 

    This is what your final result should look like:

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